Implementing recurring orders (setting up cycle type of a product)

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  • Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Business Catalyst gives an opportunity of realizing (achieving) recurring orders with a particular recurring order period (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly). To accomplish this you can go to E-commerce tab on a partner panel, select Products Details – there’s a Cycle Type option – a drop down list with an option of selecting a particular cycle type. This option is possible for every single product.
If you have a necessity to let the buyer chose the order period of this or that product himself – then the best solution for solving this problem is creating a few variants of one particular product, but with a different cycle type. After that, BC allows to group products.
For example:
Product1 (cycle type: Once),
Product1 D (cycle type: Daily),
Product1 W (cycle type: Weekly),
Product1 F (cycle type: Fortnightly).
Basically, the duplicates of products with the same data are being created, but the difference is only in the cycle type and if it is demanded, in a product name (adding a letter to the end for distinguishing). All the products, that are to be grouped, have to be placed in one catalogue. Having created grouped products in such a way, there appears an option of selecting a product with the necessary set of recurring order on the catalogue page and add it to the cart. You don’t need to create a different additional catalogue, everything happens in this current catalogue. In such a way you have the option of adding the products into your cart with different recurring cycle types. Make sure beforehand if the payment gateway you chose supports the option of recurring payments! If you need to implement the option of selecting cycle type for cart and all it’s products - you can create radio button form group field in your cart with different cycle types of recurring (like is is mentioned above). Bring to notice that a choice of this option may be available only when choosing an Online Credit Cart payment or PayPal. If the customer choses the repeat order, then via javascript you need to disable the option of selecting payment the Cash on Delivery method in your checkout form.
When selecting a product with a particular cycle type in the cart with the help of javascript you can edit the name of the product (delete the letter in the end of the name, which serves for designation cycle type of a product. The information about the selected recurring type can be output in the information block near the product.
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